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Certificate No: 16105 Date: 16/05/2003

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Listed below are the most common questions we are asked, if you have other questions please contact us.     Our Termination and Refund Policy are stated here.

Are your prices per panel or per circuit?

Prices quoted are per panel. We will step your circuit up as many as will fit in the panel of your choice.

Can you put more than one board type on a panel?

Yes, there are two methods to do this.

One method is "Multiple Designs by Customer max 4" which means that you merge the data together for all of your designs at the design stage and supply us one set of gerber data.

 The other method is "Multiple designs max 4" which means that you supply up to 4 separate sets of gerber data and we will merge it onto the panel for you.

What is the 'cut-off time' each day?

The 'cut-off time' is 10am, we need to receive the Data files before 10am to count that day as the 1st day of our standard 5 day.

The 'cut -off time for the fast delivery 2, 3 and 4 days we need to receive the Data Files by 9am.

For the Premium 1 DAY (12 hour) we need the Data Files By 4 pm on the working day before Dispatch, this then gives us a full Days Production Time.

If there are errors in the files we receive, or you wish to amend the files or design; this will effect the production period and may effect costs.

What are your working capabilities?

Minimum Track and Gap: 0.2mm. (8 thou)

Minimum Hole Size: 0.3mm. (14 thou)

Maximum Drilled Hole Size 6.35mm.

Minimum legend width: 0.15mm. (6 thou)

Solder resist Colour: Green (Std) Black, Blue, Red, White

Component Legend Colour: White. Yelow, Black

Data supplied Gerber 274, 274X, ODB++.

If I need the same panel in the future, do I need to send you the data again?

You will have to resend the data each time so we are sure it is fully up to date.

We do not keep the tooling once it has been used, although your data will be stored on our server with a unique reference.

If ordering again please use your original order reference.


What is the maximum circuit size I can use?

The maximum circuit size is the Panel size less 20mm - to allow for Fiducial in each corner and 10mm edge.

The Step/Repeat Standard Gap is 8mm .


Panel A = 110mm x 190mm Maximum Circuit Size.

Panel B = 180mm x 240mm Maximum Circuit Size.

Panel C = 230mm x 310mm Maximum Circuit Size.


Can you offer Gold over Nickel finish?

Yes with 5 Day Standard Delivery Only on PTH and Conventional.


When do you need the data for my circuit board order?

Once the order is completed, we send you a email message with the correct email address  - so your data goes straight to the right people at  In fact, we provide email updates at each stage of your order to delivery process.

What data can I send you?

Our preferred data type is Gerber 274x, but we can use Gerber 274, fire9000, and BARCO DPF.

How do you electrically test the pcbs?

We use high performance moving probe testers which test the pcbs against a net-list created from the gerber data. Open circuits are identified by a continuity check between all net-ends on a single net. Short circuits are identified by a sophisticated algorithm which is based on the unique property of shorted nets of having an identical capacitance.

Do your prices include all tooling and photographic costs?

Yes. There is no more to pay other than the panel price as specified - except by special arrangement.