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Multiple circuits on one PanelPCB Panel - Fast High quality PCB Manufacturer for Printed Circuit Board Prototypes to your specifications. (Panel A, B, or C below etc.)

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Our Lead-Free RoHS compliant PCB boards require no tooling and are by a company fully certified to BS EN ISO 9001. We believe in a job well done, so our PCB boards are UK manufactured to the very best standards. Simply select the PCB panel that you require (and once ordered) send the Gerber files - we'll do the rest.
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There is no need for a quotation, just order the PCB panel you require and then send the Gerber files.

  • Lead Free, RoHS compliant.
  • No Tooling.
  • PTH and Conventional PCB panels.
  • UK Manufacture.

Complete PCB Panels from just £45.00 + VAT We will step your PCB on to each panel as many times as we can with a 10mm edge and fiducial in each corner.


Double Sided. Plated Through Hole.   Panel A : 130mm X 210mm : £75.00
Panel B : 200mm X 260mm : £110.00
Panel C : 250mm X 330mm : £150.00
£7.49 + VAT
Single Sided. Conventional.   Panel D : 130mm X 210mm : £45.00
Panel E : 200mm X 260mm : £63.00
Panel F : 250mm X 330mm : £90.00

Production quantities - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll provide equally attractive prices with free Tooling.

The cost is based on the panel size and delivery time - then either Courier at £7.65 + VAT to all UK destinations, Next Day - though we can send your order anywhere in the World (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details).  We also offer a Before 10 AM Next Day for £17.00 + VAT.

Standard delivery is 5 days, but we can also offer 4, 3, 2 even 1 day, you tell us.

We maintain a policy of ' delivery on time' which combined with our high quality standards gives our customers the confidence to place regular repeat orders with us.


Quality built

Certification to BS EN ISO 9001/2015 (Click for details)
giving our customers a level of service and quality of goods.

Certificate No: 16105 Date: 16/05/2003


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